About us

Plastic profiles for every conceivable requirement

POLYBASE AB WAS FOUNDED IN 1999 and it concentrated on extrusion of profiles in various plastic materials. We can also supply injection moulded products and do various kinds of supplementary processing, which means that we can supply individually customised one-stop productions that offer added value.

THE COMPANY MANAGEMENT and personnel have long combined experience of the industry and deep knowledge of the field of extrusion. This is, and has been decisive for the positive growth of the company.

POLYBASE HAS GROWN every year since it was founded in 2000. This strong growth continues. Increasing numbers of customers in engineering and the building material industries have become aware of the advantages of plastic materials for various applications and are developing innovative products in collaboration with us, for future use.

WE HAVE THE RESOURCES and knowledge needed to make both profile tools and other production tooling to meet almost every conceivable requirement. Please contact us to discuss your particular profile requirements, so we can develop a solution together.